Inflativv FAQs


What is Inflativv?

Inflativv is a small, easy to use, wireless air pump that can deliver up to 150 PSI.  It comes with a nozzle that plugs into the top of the valve stem in the tire.  Once the Air Pump is connected to the tire, you can see the current tire PSI on the device’s LED screen.  

Users need to set the PSI on the base of the Inflativv and switch it on. The Inflativv air pump instantly starts inflating the tire up to the set PSI. Once it reaches the set PSI amount, the device shuts off automatically. This makes it extremely convenient, and users won’t need to stop what they were doing to monitor the process.

Additionally, the Inflativv is also a portable power bank. With this gadget, users need not worry about their mobile devices running low on the battery charge. Inflativv comes with a micro USB charging and car adapter, which users can store in the car and charge electronic devices while driving, such as charging a cell phone.

What are Inflativv’s key features?

Inflativv works with so much more than just inflating car tires. Since it can deliver up to 150 PSI, it can quickly inflate bike tires up to 120 PSI, which is impossible with a hand pump. In a small and compact design, in fact, smaller than a water bottle, Inflativv is easy to carry around anywhere.

Here are Inflativv key features:

Multiple Uses: Inflativv can inflate vehicle tires, motorbikes, soccer balls, mountain bikes, and any other inflatable item you can think of.

Powerful air output: Inflativv can deliver up to 150 PSI, inflating tires in less than 8 minutes.

2000mAh Power Bank: This gadget can charge multiple phones in case of emergency.

Emergency LED Flashlight: Inflativv comes with a built-in flashlight to ensure that users can always see in the dark or flag down assistance.

How Do I Use Inflativv? 

The Inflativv portable air pump is easy to use. As stated on the official website, the device works in the following three steps:

What are the benefits of Inflativv?

Inflativv delivers the following benefits, which have been made a favorite for thousands of users in the USA and beyond.

When will my order arrive?

This is an American-owned business that doesn't believe it should take 45 days to receive your product from China. Orders are sent from our New Jersey warehouse via USPS, FedEx, UPS, or DHL for international customers depending on speed and efficiency of delivery. Product will be shipped within 48 business hours. Please allow between 5-7 days for standard delivery. You will be emailed a tracking link after your order is shipped. Thank you for your purchase!